sprawled in the dirt under a black cloak, but as she rode

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"I can't, I've given my word. And then there's Dad; he feels now that all the prophecies he has uttered in regard to your mother have at last come true. It's only my wicked pride that's talking, dear. Please don't pay any attention to it."

sprawled in the dirt under a black cloak, but as she rode

And then Blakely said one of the sweetest things he ever said to me. Of course, it wasn't true but it made me so happy. "Dearest," he said "everything I should love best to be, you are."

sprawled in the dirt under a black cloak, but as she rode

Before dressing for dinner, Dad came to my room "to talk things over," as he put it. He was so superbly satisfied with himself and the world, I could hardly forbear a smile.

sprawled in the dirt under a black cloak, but as she rode

"Naturally, I should be the last person to say 'I told you so', Elizabeth, but you see what patience has done. It is always best to be patient, my child."

"Yes, Dad." "Blakely's mother has acted very handsomely toward us, considering--"

"Very handsomely, CONSIDERING," I agreed.

"And we must try to meet her half way." "Yes, Dad."

"No doubt she had her reasons for behaving as she did."


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first time that he had been surprised there he apologized

But previous to this Hardy had written a considerable amount

He points out that there is something in a novel that should

part of his work, and a section of his readers look upon

At certain seasons they catch also, in “corrales,”

twine (which comes from Ireland), the spars and the labour

bodies of a great company of Dorset[Pg 129] vicars, for

had walked off without thinking anything more about it.

and the girl's mind was in such a turmoil that she had

something wrong with his poems, or unusual about them?

Bere Regis church is the most beautiful little building

Sir William's return—availed to save her, and she died

fowls, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, and cattle; the order

altar-slab on which, perchance, sacrifices have been offered

If I pass during some nocturnal blackness, mothy and warm,

The reader instinctively pictures Hardy as a morose, grim,

and one man even sent us a cask of cider as a present.

awarded a Civil List pension of seventy pounds a year,

Dorchester home. Authentic pictures of Hardy are so scarce

Cicely.' Yet is this a complete success? Much as we admire

and the land was wooded down to the water’s edge. In

inexplicable phenomenon that much of his poetry should

child was born, but died. Some years after Tess became

Bere Regis, that blinking little place with a history

For three weeks Hanson had remained. During this time he

A Pair of Blue Eyes appeared, and in 1874 Far from the

certain natures express their thoughts in unusual ways.

The phenomenon is a strongly marked and appropriate accent

that belief he had made no effort to find her after his

If, when hearing that I have been stilled at last, they

In 1891 came Tess of the D'Urbervilles, which took the

fireplace, with his white hands holding the lapels of his

all the inhabitants came down to the beach to see us pitch

He wrote two books on this subject, called Redecraft and

A mile beyond, the road still rising, is Nether Cerne,

of a noble but somewhat wild old family, was forcibly seduced

Behind a great flowering shrub Hanson lay gazing at the

be repulsed, and she jestingly promised to marry all three

done with thatch, for the boys of the village are too proud

right that Tess, with her natural, unsophisticated intelligence,

Obviously, the tide was rising; and, after seeking vainly

well in verse which has marked several great prose writers,

of verse so violent and rugged as Wessex Poems we should

man, being born, must make the best of life, and especially

nearly pure Indian inhabitants. They were much surprised

or issue a propaganda. On the contrary, it is far more

the driver of the motor tractor is almost nothing at all)

In the south wall a doorway which has been long filled

For three weeks Hanson had remained. During this time he

nature's finest and most sensitive material. Hardy does

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