“He wants to go home,” Meera told Bran. “He will

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CAPTAIN FITZCHROME. A strange recommendation.

“He wants to go home,” Meera told Bran. “He will

LADY CLARINDA. Oh, nothing else will do. And it seems you may give yourself any character you like, and the newspapers will print it as if it came from themselves. I have commended you to three of our friends here as an economist, a transcendentalist, and a classical scholar; and if you wish to be renowned through the world for these, or any other accomplishments, the newspapers will confirm you in their possession for half-a-guinea a piece.

“He wants to go home,” Meera told Bran. “He will

CAPTAIN FITZCHROME. Truly, the praise of such gentry must be a feather in any one's cap.

“He wants to go home,” Meera told Bran. “He will

LADY CLARINDA. So you will see, some morning, that my novel is "the most popular production of the day." This is Mr. Puffall's favourite phrase. He makes the newspapers say it of everything he publishes. But "the day," you know, is a very convenient phrase; it allows of three hundred and sixty-five "most popular productions" in a year. And in leap-year one more.

But when they came to shape the model, Not one could fit the other's noddle.--BUTLER.

Meanwhile, the last course, and the dessert, passed by. When the ladies had withdrawn, young Crotchet addressed the company.

MR. CROTCHET, JUN. There is one point in which philosophers of all classes seem to be agreed: that they only want money to regenerate the world.

MR. MAC QUEDY. No doubt of it. Nothing is so easy as to lay down the outlines of perfect society. There wants nothing but money to set it going. I will explain myself clearly and fully by reading a paper. (Producing a large scroll.) "In the infancy of society--"


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was anxious to examine a reported coal-mine which turned

of sake to each guest. The guests drank; each rinsed the

It was getting late. The foreigners began to leave. The

stirring the imagination to wonder who were they, what

church bell by guess. The arrival of our boats was a rare

had gone. It was nothing as definite as palpable restraint

would make his next remark, also quite commonplace, about

Say, for instance, that some fool report against Japan

The people here live chiefly on shell-fish and potatoes.

many of them go in for Christianity on account of material

talk of newcomers about their being followed by detectives

her eyes; such is the gay foolishness with geisha, irresponsibility,

and ran like a hare, her yellow silk dress gleaming in

English, when she took no part, she was ever watching Karsten,

harm has been done abroad. Your story, Japan's version,

an extremely pretty girl, in gorgeous silks, with, however,

An instant he hesitated. Through the corridor ahead of

European. A splendid cloisonné vase in a corner was the

their propaganda newspapers, it is true, particularly in

He allowed himself to take pleasure from her radiant presence,

a quiet old man, who, in his appearance and manner of life,

young Mortimer Karsten, until the boy had graduated from

and cry of the samisens, the strident voices. It seems

by the oddness of bringing forth such a puerility. But

mud-banks as the tide falls. They occasionally possess

They have to, for[Pg 28] Japanese public opinion about

His questions are too transparent, with the main one so

dalliance for him with other women. So in the case of Kimiko-san,

could trust. To them he explained his plans and the rich

to devise subjects which might interest her. Books, the

other groups, a party, much like their own, in which young

render it understandable to the Japanese mind, dressing

slowly toward the north—he said nothing of the party

at night, when the lights are lit. You'll see. There, behind

to Mr. Kent and for Mr. Jones, you know, who came a few

like a glint of heat lightning, a vivacious bit of high

without actually submerging his head, and to regain the

Priestess and office clerk. Odd, isn't it? Bizarre. Still,

themselves. It is really entirely respectable, and our

were merely thrown out as bait, to draw him out, sound

might have noticed the reduced numbers of his following.

the house as might a breath of heavy incense. He felt himself

He allowed himself to take pleasure from her radiant presence,

him little information. They did not know these people,

a pound of sugar or an ordinary knife. No individual possessed

finds himself under necessity to speak with a grande dame

the worse thought, that they can find, and swallowing them,

Nights; it was almost as if he materialized, a smoky, indefinite

good old blooms of northern Europe which My Dear had so

laughter, that is the charm. But he could not draw Jones

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