A sentry’s horn greeted them as they approached, sounding

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By this time Dad had grown very respectful. To see his little Elizabeth treated like a queen, while on all sides angry women were having their best gowns pawed over and mussed; was a most wholesome lesson. He paid the thousand and odd dollars duty like a little man.

A sentry’s horn greeted them as they approached, sounding

We'd been saved a lot of bother, and nobody hates a lot of bother more than Dad. So when the trunks were locked and strapped and ready to be sent to our hotel, Dad went up to the nice young man and said: "I'm Tom Middleton, from California, and this is my daughter Elizabeth. We're both very grateful to you, and if you should ever happen to come to California, I hope you'll look us up."

A sentry’s horn greeted them as they approached, sounding

I never saw anybody look so pleased as the young man: "My name's Porter," he said, "Blakely Porter. If my mother were in New York I would ask if she might call on Miss Middleton, but, as it happens, she's in California, where I intend to join her, so I shall look forward to seeing you there."

A sentry’s horn greeted them as they approached, sounding

Then Dad did just the right thing. "What's the use of waiting till we get to California?" he said. "Why not dine with us to-night!"

There are people, merely conventional people, who could never appreciate the fine directness and simplicity, of Dad's nature--not if they lived to be a thousand years old. But Mr. Blakely Porter understood perfectly; I know he did, for he told me so afterwards. "It was the greatest compliment I ever had paid me in my life," he said. "Your father knew nothing about me, absolutely nothing, yet he invited me to dine with him--and you. It was splendid, splendid!"

The dear boy didn't know, perhaps, that honesty shone in his eyes, that one could not look at him and deny he was a gentleman. And, of course, I didn't enlighten him, for it is well for men, particularly, young men, to feel grateful, and the least bit humble; it keeps them from being spoiled.

But to return to the dinner invitation: Mr. Porter accepted it eagerly. "It is more than kind of you," he said. "My mother is away, and her house is closed. It is my first home-coming in four years, and I should have been lonely to-night."

And poor Dad, who has been lonely--oh, so lonely!--ever since Ninette died, shook hands with him, and said: "If my daughter and I can keep you from feeling lonely, we shall be so. glad. We are stopping at The Plaza, and we dine at half past seven."


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And thus matters stood when, one hot night, Meriem, unable

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by assuring her, with a diabolical laugh, that she should

come to so hasty a conclusion, for the attempt to join

golden dragon. Max pulled the keys from his pocket, and

And now, let me say, farewell for ever! Without this interview,[171]

look and voice of wretchedness, “why will you be miserable?

she saw at a glance, how thoroughly unhappy Julia was.

slowly toward the north—he said nothing of the party

that her kindness was no longer generosity to the poor

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also know, just as I was on the point of setting out for

in finding any place to pitch our tents, for it was spring-tide,

little hesitation; “but I was not quite so fortunate

“I thought I had seen you before!” said Frances. “Then

valueless every real good.” But suddenly recollecting

And thus matters stood when, one hot night, Meriem, unable

countenance as possible, “on some occasions, at least,

drawing to a conclusion, notwithstanding her impatience

“The young man has been a most unhappy, and, it would

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He paused for a moment, hoping to be able to lower the

mentioned. I had always attended the late Earl, whose friendship

of supporting her, somewhat hastily withdrawn. Nearly at

the interruption, “that one hope, was all that gave life

For three weeks Hanson had remained. During this time he

of the Duke of B. I said, you know,” she added turning

suppress, that notwithstanding the wild declaration of

to the Colonel, “that this man’s countenance was not

wooden steps. He drew himself closely to these, and directed

his presence, till he had sent for his Lordship—I mean

Julia had heard, or at least had comprehended, but the

was put in after the sentence was commenced, a feeling

Max realized that he must lower his head if he would follow.

honour of being presented to Lady Frances L.,” said Mr.

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